Business Development Teams

Our business development teams are focused on Creating Opportunities and Introductions. These productive meetings provide practical strategies for members to expand their business. At the direction of our skilled facilitators, each meeting focuses on improving business practices, implementing strategies for developing new business opportunities and creating value added opportunities from strategic partners and business associates.

There are many business organizations to consider, but from what our members and guests tell us, none provide the structure, focus and results that members receive. Each week the discussion topics change. One week the focus might be on marketing, another week the topics might center around managing employees, budgeting, contracts or exit strategies. These are just some of the discussion topics that appear on our agenda.

Members join our Teams for different reasons. Some are looking for new business, some are looking for professionals they can trust to refer to their clients and some are looking to create a board of advisors and some are looking for accountability. Whatever your reason, you will definitely benefit from the discussions and connections you make inside your Team.

Meetings Include  Business Development Team

  • Peer group support
  • Focused agenda
  • Interactive exercises
  • Sharing Best Practices
  • Long and short term goal setting
  • Accountability

In addition to the benefits from each meeting, all members

  • Are listed on the website with photograph, brief business summary and a link to the company website
  • Have an opportunity to be interviewed on the Select Business Team Podcast which is hosted on the website and continuously share on social media.  Our podcasts are also hosted in iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play, which provides additional exposure.  There is also a code to embed on your own website.
  • Access to webinars and workshops on marketing

Each Business Development Team

  • Meets weekly for 90 minutes
  • Consists of 15-25 experienced professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Members are from diverse non-competing industries
  • Discussions focus on Creating Opportunities

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