5 Tips for Improving Website Traffic

All you need is a website…Right?

Drive Traffic To Your WebsiteIf you think your phone is going to ring because you have put up a website, you really need to read this article!

Think back 20+ years….every one spent hours creating the perfect brochure that was distributed everywhere.  They were sent as part of direct mail, left in lobbies and passed out at trade shows. Basically the goal was to get them into the hands of as many prospects as possible.

Today many companies no longer have a brochure. It has been replaced with the website. Granted, a website is an essential part of business today;  however, if you aren’t trying to get your website to as many prospects as possible, you won’t realize the benefits of your total online presence.

The reality of having a website is that unless people know to search for you directly, they probably won’t find you. For people to find your website, you need to help them. Some companies work on driving traffic to their website every day, but the majority of small business owners leave it up to chance that they will be found on the internet.

Here are 5 tips you can implement to drive traffic to your website:

  • Send email newsletters and have the articles link back to your website.
  • Claim your online real estate – Use Yahoo local, Google+ and Bing.
  • Get published – Have you ever thought about sharing your articles on another website like MNBC or Yahoo?
  • Have guest writers on your website – Get the author to promote their articles with their social media tools.
  • Write articles for your strategic partners. When they put your articles on their website, there should be a link back to your website.

Today, the most common way to post articles is in the form of a blog. The concept of blogging is best done on a WordPress site, but others to choose form include drupl, joomla, blogger and blogspot. Many organizations, both big and small, are moving to these platforms which include a content management system that helps to implement the ideas above. Ultimately it will help with SEO and increasing traffic to your website.

If you would like more information on increasing your online presence, check out one of our upcoming workshops.