About Us

Founded in 2001 as a “graduate program” for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to increase business and build a network of business associates, Select Business Team focuses on training and supporting the business community. We have evolved from a networking group to an organization that focuses on helping businesses grow. Meetings concentrate on marketing and business development, with an emphasis on generating business from current clients, past clients and strategic partners. We help you Create Opportunities!

Our business is about helping you with Business Development

Just because you have the title of President, Founder or Managing Member of your business, doesn’t mean you don’t face challenges of finding new clients, implementing new technology, managing staff or creating new processes to streamline your operations. You probably started in business because you were really good at providing a service or selling a product. What you didn’t realize was how much work there is just running a business. Sometimes you want to go back to just being the service provider or selling your product and not worry about the business of actually running the business!

We know being a business owner can feel overwhelming at times. There are only a certain number of hours in a day and sometimes that isn’t enough to get everything done. Our programs are focused on helping you grow your business. We help you build internal systems and external opportunities.

Members of our business teams are business owners, just like you. Our discussion topics focus on marketing, employee issues, customer service systems or whatever current business challenges members are facing. Topics are always changing to reflect what members need to grow their businesses.

Our experience is what makes our programs so beneficial.

We are always learning and therefore, we are always sharing our knowledge.

Help Us Expand

Currently all of our meetings are focused in the Metro DC area, but we are looking for opportunities to expand into other regions. Contact us if you would like to be part of Select in your area.