Employment Law With Neil Hyman – Episode 5

Neil HymanBusiness and Marketing Podcast With Neil Hyman

This episode is a conversation with Neil Hyman who is an employment law attorney. As a solo practitioner, he deals with employee issues representing both employees and employers.  You’ll find his thoughts on staffing beneficial.

Most law schools don’t teach their students how to manage a practice, so when Neil was ready to open his doors, he had to fast track his business owner training.  He shares some of the ups and downs of getting started and the obstacles he’s had to overcome with business and how he’s invested in marketing and the payoff he’s receiving.

A good part of this discussion focuses on the good and the bad of hiring employees.  Ironically, as an employment law attorney, Neil does not have any employees. Does he know something we should all know?


Beginning December 2016 there are new Federal employment regulations that all employers need to be aware of.  You’ll find resources below for doing your own research, but Neil provides a great oversight on the topic.  It’s a big question mark for many employers and how to handle the new regulations so don’t ignore these new regulations.  If you aren’t sure how to implement them into your business, consult with Neil.

If you want to do a little research on your own, here are the resources we mentioned in this episode:

Fair Labor Standards ActDepartment of Labor

Society for Human Resources


Neil runs his own law practice , Law Office of Neil S. Hyman, LLC.  His website is  neilhymanlaw.comConnect  with him on LinkedInIf you have questions about employment law, either as an employer or an employee, give Neil a call at 301-841-7105.  If he can’t help you, he will refer you to someone that can.