Episode 1 – Networking Groups

Networking GroupsBusiness and Marketing Podcast With Debbie DeChambeau

Networking is a marketing tactic that has been around forever, but during recent years, networking groups have become a formalized process that has generated millions of dollars in revenue for companies that participate. During this episode, Debbie shares her road to starting Select Business Team which originally started as a networking or referral group but has grown into a business development organization with networking as a benefit.  Some of the discussions you’ll hear in the introductory episode include:

Is a Networking Group right for you? – since this type of business development can take a little bit of time it’s important to make sure your schedule can accommodate the commitment.  Ideas to help you decide are provided.

How does a networking group differ from other networking opportunities? – The most effective networking groups are one person per profession, weekly or bi weekly structured meetings with professionals that are committed to helping others. Having a facilitator that keeps the meeting focused and not getting off track where the direction of the meeting can get lost makes a big difference in the value your’ll receive as a member.

Why is a networking group important for building know, like and trust? – When you meet with people on a regular basis and hear their successes it makes it easy for them to introduce you to people who need your products or services. 

How do you decide on a group? – You’ll hear several ideas for making a decision on the best group for you to join. From the initial way you were greeted when you walk in the door to the follow up from members.

This episode is packed full of information on how to make the right decision when joining a networking group. Let us know your favorite ideas below or share them on iTunes. Also let us know your experience with networking groups 


Duct Tape Marketing Podcast As mentioned in this episode, Debbie is a member of Duct Tape Marketing which is network of marketing consultants implementing the Duct Tape Marketing System. This system helps business owners navigate the world of marketing which is rapidly evolving as technology and media platforms develop.  John Jantsch is the founder of Duct Tape Marketing and his podcast is a great resource for trending marketing information.  If you need marketing assistance, feel free to reach out to Debbie and her team can help you implement the Duct Tape Marketing System.

Business Network International while Select Business Team might be considered a competitor, BNI is an international organization with a great reputation. If you are listening to this podcast outside of the DC area and want to join a networking group, this would be one option to consider. If you want to start your own group, give Debbie a call and discuss as we are expanding as well and would love to help you start in other areas.


Debbie DeChambeau has been helping business owners and sales professionals build a referral network for over 20 years.  In addition to having her own referral/networking organization, she regularly trains on how to build a business that is focused on growing as a result of referred business.  If you need help building your referral business, connect with Debbie.

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