Episode 8 – Hope Is Not A Strategy – Dan Scully

Dan ScullyBusiness and Marketing Podcast with Dan Scully

In this episode, we talk with Dan Scully of Vantage Point Communications.  He is the owner of the company and has also been instrumental in helping Select Business Team grow.  Over the years, Dan has started several new teams and provided great ideas for making changes that have improved our company.

I’m honored at how much Dan has supported Select over the years and when he moved away, he was greatly missed.  Now that he has settled in his new home, he realizes how much he missed our concept, so he’s in the process of starting a Team on the eastern shore in MD.

If you listened to episode 7, we talked about strategic partners and Dan uses his network of strategic partners not only for building his business but for creating opportunities for others.  He’s a connector and a creative!

Three of my takeaways:

  • Business owners often wear many hats which can inhibit growth so try to hire someone quickly to do some of the small tasks in your business
  • Think about having a budget and a marketing plan so that you don’t miss opportunities
  • Don’t let fear of failure keep you from starting a business. People learn from failure so if you surround yourself with the right Team, you’ll see greater success and less failure

One of the most important components of today’s discussion is having a business plan.  Some of the concepts Dan discussed are essential in building a solid business especially when he moved to a new state and how that could help him grow quickly.

If you are a business owner without a plan, check out our webinars ‘Build, Grow and Ignite’ which we offer once a month. You can check our webinar schedule on the events calendar.


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Dan is the owner of Vantage Point Communications and he provides business and non profits with marketing materials from give-aways to wearable branded apparel.  Learn more about Dan on LinkedIn.