How To Increase Employee Productivity

How To Increase Employee ProductivityHave you ever thought about implementing a workplace wellness program? According to the Wall Street Journal, many employers report that healthier employees show up to work more often, are more productive, and visit the doctor less frequently. Employees also benefit from a wellness program, which should be the focus if a company decides to implement workplace wellness.

What is a workplace wellness program? Searching the internet you’ll find many different definitions, but overall, it is providing a work environment that encourages the wellness of the employees. Generally a workplace wellness program is employer-initiated. It is designed to address employees’ bodies, minds, emotions, spirits, and promote healthy lifestyle choices. This can be done through programs, initiatives and incentives that encourage employees to keep well in all these areas.

Many small business owners feel it is difficult to have a wellness program due to costs. Below are a few ideas employers can implement for creating a wellness program for a minimal investment:

  • Turn your lunch room into a relaxation room. Consider adding a Tea bar, have relaxing music, and fill it with plants.
  • Host a weekly lunch and learn and bring in a speaker for a brief presentation on nutrition, stress reduction, exercise, etc.  Usually you can find a business that will speak for free and might even pick up the tab for lunch! If your company is very small, you might want to invite one or two other companies in your building to participate!
  • Reimburse for health club memberships.
  • Purchase pedometers and have contests to see who can reach 10,000 steps every day.
  • Install plants throughout the office and make sure they are taken care of.
  • Replace junk food vending machines with healthier treats.
  • Instead of buying donuts or bagels, bring in yogurt, fruit and hard boiled eggs.

What are you doing in your office to improve employee productivity?