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Are you leaving money on the table for your competitors?

If you are a business owner or thinking about going into business, this topic is something you need to be aware of. We are talking about protecting your Intellectual Property. Our guest, Radiance Harris  is an award winning attorney and specializes in this niche area of law. So think about your business name, your logo, the content you create. What would happen to your business if someone decided to use it?  

Companies are out there protecting their intellectual property every day. One big area that you’ll find companies that protect their photographs.

Did you know that there are programs that search the internet to see if you are using someone else’s pictures without their permission? Companies protect their pictures by sending letters whenever they find someone that has used an image without permission.

One company hired person to help with website graphics. Without checking on the sources of the pictures, they went up on the company website. Then they received a letter demanding over $15,000. For unauthorized use of the pictures. He was eventually able to negotiate the fee down to $3,000. But that was a costly mistake for a new employee to make. Many people don’t know this is an issue, but it is.

Radiance Harris has been practicing IP law for nearly a decade. She is different than many attorneys because her pricing is based on packages. Decide what you need and you can see on her website what it will cost you. It’s a unique model for a law firm and we talk about why she set up her practice this way as well.


  • What is intellectual property?
  • Why does a company need to protect their IP
  • What happens if a company just puts a ™ after their content?
  • How likely is a business to be sued if they violate a trademark or copyright?


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Radiance Harris is the founder of Radiance IP Law. Her firm specializes in protecting intellectual property. Connect with Radiance:


This episode of the Business of Insurance is produced and hosted by Debbie DeChambeau, CIC, AAI, CPIA. Debbie is an insurance agent with an extensive business and marketing background. Her focus is helping insurance professionals be more successful. She is the co-author of Renewable Referrals and hosts two other podcasts The Business of Insurance and Divorce Exposed. Connect with Debbie on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.