Episode 3 – Keep Your Company Out of Hot Water with Nicole Orisme

SBT Episode 3 Nicole Orisme NLH Contracting

Business Development Podcast With Nicole Orisme

It is hard to grow your company when it is one person wearing many hats.  There are many considerations when adding to the team, from employees to independent contractors, but as a business owner, do you know all the rules and regulations? In episode 3 we are talking with Nicole Orisme of NLH Contracting and they offer outsourced human resource consulting. Nicole talks about what employers need to think about when it comes to making the first hire….from employee handbooks to company benefits, this episode is packed full of great information for small business owners thinking about hiring employees and for people who are going into business and need their spouses support.

When Nicole mentions that she met with Debbie at the Womens Business Center, she was referring to the owner of Select Business Team and the host of this podcast….Debbie taught a class called the ABC’s of Starting a Business, and she was a participant.  They had a conversation about what she was doing, met a few times to discuss Nicole’s business and during one of the  meetings, Nicole said she wanted to focus on government contracts which could take about 6 months.  In that same conversation, Nicole mentioned she had her husbands support with the business, so Debbie asked her what type of revenue her husband was expecting from her….it was her ah ha moment…the light bulb went off because she realized she needed to generate some revenue long before she might get a government contract. 

Then Debbie invited her to a Select Business Team (SBT) meeting. When Nicole visited the SBT meeting, she was introduced to several business owners and a few turned into clients. This jump started her business and since then her revenue has blossomed.

During this episode, we talk about your role as an owner in your company and encourage you to evaluate the efficiencies or inefficiencies in your business and Nicole provides several ideas to help you determine your true value within your organization.


Nicole Orisme who is the owner of NLH Contracting.  Her website is the same as her company name: NLH Contracting.com.  Connect with her on Linkedin  of follow her on Facebook.  If you need advice from an experienced human resources consulting firm, you should contact Nicole.  She and her team can keep you out of a lot of hot water!