Marketing Lessons From A Lawyers Perspective – Marc Emden


Thank you for joining us today for episode 17 of the Select Business Team podcast where we bring entrepreneurs together to discuss options for growing and expanding business, with a real focus on what happens in the back office.  Today we are talking with Marc Emden and we get into two of my favorite topics. One is about marketing and different ideas of what works and what doesn’t work. The other area is about legal issues, not necessarily about business, but case law and how it impacts us.

I’ve mentioned on one or two episodes that I spent the first half of my career as an insurance agent. I am still licensed as an agent and a certified insurance counselor but I don’t sell policies any longer, I mostly consult. When I did sell, I sold the policies that business owners need to protect their businesses and workers. What I don’t mention too often is that my major in college was law enforcement. What I loved about it was reading and interpreting case law.  For many it might be boring, but the stories behind the cases and the laws that protect and develop from these cases is what has always fascinated me. Insurance is somewhat similar because it’s all about policies and understanding what they say and how to interpret them for each situation.

In today’s podcast we talk about two cases that don’t necessarily impact your business, but as a consumer they are good to know. They are focused on technology, and as we talk about over and over on this podcast, you don’t know what you don’t know.

I’m talking with Select Business Team member Mark Emden who is a personal injury and criminal attorney in Rockville, Maryland. We talk about his journey as law practice and some of the lessons learned along the way.  I really enjoyed our conversation and hope you do too!


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Marc Emden is an attorney and has his own practice in Rockville, MD.  He specializes in criminal and personal injury cases. You can learn more about him on his company website, or connect with him on linkedin.