Episode 24 – More Than A Few Words Podcasting Interview

More Than A Few Words Podcasting INterviewToday’s episode is a little different as I’m talking about podcasting on another podcast that I was recently interviewed on. I’m excited about this because podcasting is something I believe every company should be considering as a marketing tactic. 

This particular conversation about podcasting is important for several reasons:

Have you ever had an idea that you knew was spot on but  needed validation? I’ve gotten that validation about my sales podcasting idea and the word I hear over and over again is ‘brilliant’! Not just from marketing consultants but from business owners and sales professionals. Using a podcast as a sales tool will open doors and create more opportunities…then becomes a great marketing tactic as well.  In my conversation with Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg Marketing,  we talk about how to get started, the different tools to consider and some basic planning.

I’m also happy to share this podcast because this is what exposure looks like today in the new digital world. For those of you that have attended some of my workshops, you’ve heard me talk about how marketing is changing rapidly. I can’t confidently say that podcasts aren’t a trend, but this is one trend I think has value for every business in multiple ways.

Podcasts have moved past the infancy stage into the toddler stage,  but we haven’t met the teenage years yet. Imagine how much room for growth and opportunity there is! Unlike social media, you own your podcast. It’s your voice and people can hear you. You can host them on your website and you can drive traffic to your website to get people to listen to them and they position you as an authority in your industry. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people in business but if people don’t know about you it’s hard for you to work your magic!


Have you ever heard of  ‘automobile university’? When I first started in sales, I listened to as many sales tapes as I could. Zig Zigler, Jim Rohn, Tom Peters. They were the leaders in their industry and if you compared what they did then to what we are doing today, the let their voice be heard. They spoke in public, they recorded for later listening.

The difference between podcasts and the tapes/cd’s that I listened to is that podcasts are free and they are digital instead of a product that i inserted into my dashboard or other electronic device. Podcasts don’t melt like tapes or cd’s and they don’t scratch either! I can listen to them as many times as I want and I didn’t have to buy them. There is a wide variety to choose from outside inside and outside of the business marketplace. But more importantly, podcasts allow you to get your voice heard, to share your message and the cost is relatively inexpensive.

Moving on to another thought…..

One of the things that I choose to do to keep a positive attitude is avoid TV and other negative media. Instead, I choose to listen to music and podcasts that are inspirational, educational and that add value to my life. Not everyone shares my mindset, but I also believe that I’m not alone in my way of thinking! Isn’t there a saying that goes like this:  Negativity in; negativity out….positivity in; positivity out! If there isn’t a saying like this, then I’ll  take credit for creating it!

If you want to learn about how a podcast can benefit your sales team….listen to this podcast. If you want to learn how to implement this type of podcast for your business, give me a call. This my friend is what I’m passionate about and I’m happy to help you get your message out  and connect with your prospects.


With that, I want to wrap up this episode and switch gears to talk about a new program I’ve created called, Next Level Referrals.  It’s ideal for sales and business development professionals and I think if you are an attorney, cpa/accountant, insurance or financial advisor, this program is ideal for you. I also think it will be great if you are a realtor, flooring contractor or any type of service professional that needs a steady stream of referrals.

I’ve been training people how to create referral opportunities for over 20 years but it’s always been through weekly meetings.  I know that a lot of people listening to this podcast have no desire to attend a weekly meeting and even if you did, we might not have a Team in your area yet.  So this is a way that I can share my knowledge with you and you don’t have to leave your desk to learn!   

I’m creating a 4 week class, I’ll teach you how to build your network of referral partners, how to contact them, build the relationship and stay in contact with them. The first program is a pilot program where I will be on every session, answering questions and offering feedback. I can’t guarantee that once I get the kinks worked out of this program that I will be involved in every session. This is one reason why the pilot program so valuable.


  • A clear plan of people to contact, how to contact and what to say when you meet them
  • A plan for following up with your strategic partners and a system for adding value to the new business relationship
  • An opportunity to grow your business with a minimal financial investment using one of the most effective forms of marketing.

I’ll also be offering 2 follow up sessions for this pilot group to make sure everyone is still on track and their network is growing. Since this is a pilot program, I’m reducing the cost even though you’ll probably get more value from it since I’ll be actively involved. The only thing I ask for the reduced cost is your honest feedback on how the program is working for you and what else you need to make your referral marketing program more successful.

If this is something you think you can benefit from or if you know someone that can, check out nextlevelreferrals.com and learn more.  The pilot program will launch in July but if you are listening to this after July, don’t stress. We’ll have another program that might not have me facilitating, but will incorporate all of the bells and whistles from the pilot program participants.

Again, go to nextlevelreferrals.com to get the details and sign up. Feel free to reach out to me at debbie@selectbizteam.com if you have any questions.

Until next time, keep Creating Opportunities!