Episode 21 – The Value of An office – Paul Smith

Paul Smith
The Value Of An Office


Thank you for joining us today for the Select Business Team podcast where we are talking with Paul Smith of The Abrams Group, Re/Max Town Center Park Potomac.  At Select, we bring entrepreneurs and professionals together to discuss options for growing and expanding their business, focusing on what happens in the back office. We help business owners look at areas of the business that increase profits. 

Paul and I have known each other for a long time.  We first met when he was in a networking group I ran back in the 90’s, when he owned a bagel shop.  He closed the shop and went into the insurance business selling life and health insurance products, and when we saw each other at networking events, we could always talk insurance!  When I started Select, we lost touch but reconnected about 5 years ago at a networking event. It’s actually funny because for a awhile, most of my FB pics with another man were with him…and no, we weren’t dating, just having a nice conversation and we always seemed to be talking when the photographer showed up! Recently, Paul has gone from working as an insurance agent to becoming a Realtor and today we’ll talk about that transition.

My conversation with Paul includes the business of real estate with some in-depth discussion about why someone should use a realtor instead of trying to buy or sell properties on their own.  So even if you aren’t a business owner, you will find some great nuggets in this conversation. 

Before I get into the meat of our conversation I wanted to mention something I do when I’m not recording podcasts or running our business teams. I offer training and primarily on email marketing.  If you are a business owner, sales professional or a realtor like our guest today, having a way to stay in touch with the people that you meet is essential. You ca stay connected on social media, but that can be hit or miss with all of the algorithms.  I’m a big fan of email marketing because for every dollar spent on email marketing there is a $42.00 ROI. I offer regular webinars so if you want to attend one of them and learn more about email marketing or other marketing strategies, go to selectbizteam.com/events-calendar for one of our upcoming webinars. Most of them are free and I’d love to have you join us.

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • The value of an office and the support it provides
  • How Starting as a Realtor is like starting a new business
  • The analogy of a Realtor and a Director


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Paul and I have known each other for awhile and would always reconnect at networking events.  These photo’s are from three different events over the years – you can see how we’ve changed!  Thanks to Ann Maas Photography and The Umbrella Syndicate for the pics.

Paul Smith Networking



Paul Smith is a Realtor and is part of The Abrams Group at Re/Max Town Center Park Potomac.  His website is The Abrams Group.  Connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.