Episode 26 – Turn An Idea Into A Business With Podcast Village

Podcast Village

Today we are talking with Charlie Birney of Podcast Village. Charlie isn’t a member of Select, but if you heard the last episode, which was our anniversary episode, I mentioned Charlie and how we connected. Through podcasting, we have built a great friendship and support each other’s businesses.I bring my business and marketing skills to the mix and he brings the technical pieces of recording and editing to the table. If I never had to research equipment or edit another episode, I’d be extremely happy, yet that’s at the core of his business, so we compliment each other from a business perspective.

If you follow me on FB you’ll see several pictures of me recording in his studio. In episode 12 with Adam Solomon and episode 23 with Becky Briggs, we were recording in the studios of podcast Village. Recently I was in his studio doing a video recording of how to use a piece of podcast recording equipment. So in addition to recording podcasts, Podcast Village is also offering video production and they are knocking it out of the park.  Check out their video’s on youtube which I’ve linked to in the show notes. Check out their youtube channel here.

In my conversation with Charlie, we talk about the business of having a podcast studio, how the idea evolved and then turning an opportunity into a business. This is music to my ears because I love talking about business and I’m all about podcasting these days.  

If you are a salesperson, sales manager, business owner or someone responsible for business development in your organization, I’ve put together something unique for you that I’ll discuss at the end of this show, so be sure to stick around after our conversation ends.

Charlie is going through the school of hard knocks. He took an idea, started a business and is learning how to run the business along the way. It’s not always easy, but if you love what you do and you surround yourself with knowledgeable people, you will make it work! I love Charlie’s enthusiasm and like me, he’s an idea person!

Our conversation goes in many directions, but three important areas we discuss are

  • The importance of setting up procedures from the beginning
  • Not working for free
  • And  paying attention to your time management

This conversation isn’t just about running a business, but about podcasts and the value they bring. At one point we start talking about a conference that we both attended in early 2017 where I mention some statistics about podcasting. I’m attaching a few of the slides in the shownotes, so if you would like to see them go to selectbizteam.com/podcastvillage. Definitely good information particularly for someone that might be thinking about adding a podcast as a sales tool!

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Ready to get in front of new prospects? A podcast is a great sales tool. If you are a sales person or knows someone that is involved in sales, I’ve created an information packet that shows you how to use a podcast as a sales tool. Download here.  It’s free!


In this episode we talk about a few statistics we learned about at a conference. The picture below was taken from the conference Podfest. You can also get additional information from a research report by Edison.

Podcasting Stats from Podfest Conference 2017







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Charlie Birney is the owner of Podcast Village in Gaithersburg, MD.  His studio is located inside of Launch Work Place and he is currently building out two other studios.  Charlie hosts a monthly meet-up for aspiring and experienced podcaster so look for Bethesda Podcasters and join us if you are in the area.  His website is podcastvillage.  And you can connect with him on him on LinkedIn Facebook, twitter and Instagram