Podcasting for Sales with Nina Radetich


This episode of the Select Business Team podcast is a conversation with Nina Radetich who is a newscaster turned marketing consultant and the owner of Radetich Marketing.  We are talking about my favorite tactic, podcasting for sales.

The recording is actually the audio from a FB live interview she did with me on her show Small Biz Power where she interviews business owners in the studio on FB live. She was in her studio in Las Vegas, I was in the local recording studio of Podcast Village in MD.  For me, it was my first FB live which I also think is a great way for a business to reach a wider audience.

Nina and I are partnering to help sales teams create a podcasting for sales program. We provide them with a proven strategy to open doors for new business. We’ll help them create a show that is sustainable, delivers an intended message and builds relationships. This is what we talk about this in the interview as well as some of the challenges businesses owners face.

Sending emails, cold calling and direct mail doesn’t usually work on the first attempt. When you invite someone to be on your podcast and share their knowledge, you will get results.

In addition to interviewing your ideal client, there are significant benefits once your podcast has been published. A podcast will help you build:

  • A content marketing machine for your organization
  • Relationships with the right individuals
  • Authority in your industry
  • Community around your brand


Before starting a podcast, we recommend you build a strategy around your new media platform. When we work with clients, we start with a plan as we know this will set you up for success. Your podcast strategy should:

  • Reflect your company brand
  • Focus on conversations with guests who are your ideal clients
  • Include graphics for your website and social media platforms
  • Identify website content format
  • Create an invitation sequence and a follow up system for your guests
  • Determine your equipment and recording strategy
  • Outline your post production process

As you will see in this interview, we are both extremely excited about this concept. If you want to schedule a consultation with us to see how we might create a podcast for your organization, click on this link and schedule a time that works for you. You can also call us at 301 996-2328. Let’s talk about how a podcast would benefit your sales team.


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