5 Reasons Every Salesperson Needs A Podcast

salesPodcasting is a great sales tool for opening doors to hard to reach prospects. While podcasts are mostly viewed as a marketing tool, when created properly, they are a superb sales tool.

If you are in selling to the B2B market, creating a podcast is a great way to increase sales. Below are 5 reasons why sales people benefit from having a podcast.

5 Benefits of Podcasting for Sales Professionals

  1. Great way to get in front of new prospects – Today it is difficult to get past voice mail, email and security in the lobby. Reach out to your target prospects.  Invite them to be interviewed on your podcast and see how many say yes!
  2. Separate yourself from your competitors – How many of your competitors have a podcast? Most likely, only a small percentage has implemented this sales tactic into their business model. Your podcast will be new, exciting and a great way to stand out from the competition.
  3. Promote your strategic partners – Building your business by referral is a great marketing strategy. Enhance your efforts by interviewing your strategic partners. Promote their episodes on your social media platforms.  Help them grow and you will benefit as well.
  4. Discuss how your company gives back to the community – How does your company help in the community? Perhaps you donate your time to serving food at a homeless shelter or managing a fundraising effort. Interview these organizations and talk about the work they do and the clients they serve. You’ll be giving them exposure and raise awareness about their efforts.
  5. Interview your current clients – If your clients are business or non profits, interviewing them on your podcast is a great way to help promote them. It will bring additional loyalty from them and might even generate a few referrals when they promote the podcast episode to their clients!

Leverage your podcast to get in front of your targeted prospects and you will have more conversation than you imagined. Then ask the right questions that lead to an additional conversation and you’ll be sending them a proposal before you know it!


Debbie DeChambeau, is the founder of Select Business Team and a podcast strategist. To learn more about podcasting, check out her interview More Than A Few Words