EP29 Real Estate Pivot With Rick Becker


Rick Becker is a realtor with Keller Williams. He recently went through a big life change, moving from New York City to New Jersey, closing his business and starting a new career.

Rick founded and ran a successful advertising photography studio for over 30 years  in New York City. You might have seen his work in catalogs like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Waterford Crystal. With the changing world of photography he decided it was time to switch careers. Closing his business also meant finding a new home because he lived in his studio in downtown Soho.

Over the years, Rick has bought and sold homes from Florida to New England, so real estate was a logical choice. He’s licensed in New Jersey and New York and in this conversation we talk about living in NJ vs. NYC and a few of the benefits of doing so. If you know someone looking to purchase a home in NJ or NYC and you need someone to help you through the process, connect with Rick.  

In this episode, we talk about the transition and what he is doing to find success.


I wanted to share a little background, as I think it’s always good for you to know how I know the guests. Rick and I went to high school together but never really knew each other while we were in school. It was more we knew each others name, but not the person. We connected through a mutual friend a few years ago and we had a mutual desire to do triathlons. Those turned into 55+ mile bike events, half marathons and we just qualified for the NYC Marathon in 2018. I’ve spent a lot of time with he and his wife during the qualifying races and am forever grateful for their hospitality.  

This recording started out by me showing him my new podcast equipment. It’s very relaxed, covers a lot of topics and isn’t as formal as most of my recordings. But I think you’ll find several good nuggets in the conversation.


  • What are you doing for marketing in your new business?
  • How did you find the transition from NYC to NJ
  • How did he get his radio voice?


  • What it’s like starting a new career after 30 years in another business
  • Benefits of living in NJ vs. NYC
  • Why a lot of New Yorkers are moving out of the city and into NJ
  • Transportation options for commuters


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