Episode 12 – Selling The Sizzle – Adam Solomon

episode-12-adam-solomonBusiness and Marketing Podcast with Adam Solomon.

Recording this episode with Adam Solomon is one of the most fun we’ve had, mostly because we are actually recording in a podcast studio. Usually we record in our guests office or they come to our headquarters.  We’ve had one recording where we recorded via skype. Today, we are in the studios of Podcast Village, using professional equipment with an engineer monitoring sound. It’s just a fun experience. Maybe one day Select Business Team will have it’s own studio with our own in-house engineer, although our editor, Evan, does a great job once we finish the recordings!


Adam Solomon is a talent acquisition recruiter and he’s been at the forefront of technology for a long time.  Adam is the owner of DC Tech Search and he helps employers find qualified candidates for technology development and engineering projects. You have to speak the lingo and understand the business in order to find the candidates and Adam has the background.  In some segments of the technology industry, there aren’t enough candidates to fill a lot of the positions. One of the area’s we talk about is how he sells the sizzle to get candidates to consider moving to a new position!

A few other areas we dive into include:

  • Build your company and focus on the brand, not on promoting the founder.
  • How to make a company recession proof
  • The value of having your office outside of your home

Adam has started 4 companies, learning lessons from each venture.  He shares some of the ups and downs of starting each business and what he’s done differently with the last business to make it a success. It’s good information for every business owner.

When recording this episode, we noted we might be over 500 downloads when this episode goes live.  At the launch of episode 12 we are over 700 downloads. Thank you everyone for listening and sharing the word about this podcast. 


Virtual Communication Tools this  article provides some insight about g-chat and slack

Podcast Village many thanks to our friends at Podcast Village who have a podcasting studio where you can record and have your podcasts edited.  Great people, great environment and a great end product!

Virtual offices we discussed in episode 4


Adam Solomon is the owner of DC Tech Search. Learn more about his company dctechsearch.com or connect with him on Linkedin.