Episode 23 – Showing Appreciation With Gifts – Becky Briggs

Showing Appreciation With a Gift - Becky BriggsBUSINESS AND MARKETING PODCAST WITH BECKY BRIGGS 

Today we are talking with Becky Briggs of Our Gift Biz.  If you listened to episode 19, I talked a lot about gift giving.  As I was doing some research for that episode, I reached out to Becky, for her insight on gift giving, from the business side. With our travel schedules, it took us several weeks to coordinate our calendars for this recording. But it was definitely worth the wait as she shares some great nuggets, not just as a business owner but as someone that specializes in giving gifts. It’s not just the gift baskets that we often think of, her company creates gifts that are personalized to the recipient and make the giver look good!

Our conversation covers a lot but three areas we spend a lot of time on are:

  • How the initial concept of a business changes when you actually open the doors
  • Finding time to stay up to date on industry, marketing and business trends
  • Taking care of yourself as a business owner

Your Gift for Listening

At the end of this episode I mention a new program that I’m creating called Next Level Referrals.  It’s a referral training program for sales and business development.  I’m piloting the program in July so if you are listening to this episode, go to nextlevelreferrals.com for additional information. If you are listening to this episode after June, sign up to be notified when we start the next program or for our next webinar.

This program is for sales and business development professionals.  I’ve been training people how to create referral opportunities for over 20 years but it’s always been through weekly meetings.  I know that a lot of people listening to this podcast have no desire to attend a weekly meeting and even if you did, we might not have a Team in your area yet.  So this is a way that I can share my knowledge with you and you don’t have to leave your desk to learn!

In this 4 week class, I’ll teach you how to build your network of referral partners, how to contact them, build the relationship and stay in contact with them.  This is my  first training program, so I’m creating it as a a pilot program.  I’ll be on every call, it’s not a self study program, and I’ll be answering questions and offering feedback.

I’ll also be offering 2 follow up sessions for this pilot group to make sure everyone is still on track and their network is growing. Since this is a pilot program, I’m reducing the cost even though you’ll probably get more value from it since I’ll be actively involved.  I’m reducing the price for this program. In exchange, I’m asking for your honest feedback on how the program is working for you and what else you need to make your referral marketing program more successful.

If this is something you think you can benefit from or if you know someone that can, check out nextlevelreferrals.com and learn more.  The pilot program will launch in July but if you are listening to this after June, don’t stress, we’ll have another program that you’ll find even more valuable.

Thank you for being part of the Select Business Team journey and listening to our podcast. We are excited to bring entrepreneurs together to discuss options for growing and expanding their business, focusing on what happens in the back office.


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Becky Briggs is the owner of Our Gift Biz  .  Connect with her on LinkedIn . Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.