Episode 11 – Starting Over – Lynndolyn Mitchell

episode-11-lynndolyn-mitchellBusiness and Marketing Conversation With Lynndolyn Mitchell

Today’s guest has experienced something that most business owners don’t have to deal with. She’s the spouse of someone in the military. Every two years or so, she’s had to move her business and start over. People who have an online business or work virtually aren’t directly impacted by a move. For those that have a retail or service business, moving every two years can have a significant impact. If you are in a profession that is tied to state regulations and state exams, such as an attorney, starting over is a lot more complicated. Lynndolyn Mitchell is a lawyer and is married to a JAG (now retired).

In this episode we talk about:

  • The difficulties of having a military spouse when you are an attorney
  • The worries of being a solo attorney
  • Finding a niche for your business that sets you apart

Lynndolyn focuses on divorce and criminal issues, however, she has a vast knowledge of military law around divorce. I’ve interviewed her on my divorce exposed podcast where she shares a wealth of information on how being in the military impacts divorce. (Divorce-Exposed podcast coming soon)

During our conversation, we discuss her plans to add to new focus areas to her practice.  She is working with parents who need help navigating the school system and helping veterans get the proper medical / disability ratings. Both of these practice areas are needed.


How to Become a JAG  http://todaysmilitary.com/videos/becoming-a-jag-officer

If you are the spouse of someone serving, there is a Military Spouse Business Association.  There is also an association for attorney’s that are military spouses.  Check online for your industry if you would like additional support and ideas. 

Divorce-exposed episode where she talks about different issues around divorce in the military (coming soon)


Lynndolyn Mitchell is the owner of The Law Offices of Lynndolyn Mitchell, PC.  Her website is Lynnmitchell4law.com Connect with her on LinkedIn. If you know anyone who has served in the military and is looking for assistance, she is a great resource.