Episode 13 – The Perfect Shade of Pink – Gail Horne

Perfect Shade of Pink Gail HorneBusiness and Marketing Podcast with Gail Horne

Thank you for joining us today for episode 13 of the Select Business Team podcast where today we are talking with Gail Horne.  She is the owner of Mindful Nutrition Services, llc and her company provides nutrition and guidance for those looking for a healthier lifestyle.  

Select Business Team brings business owners of service professions together to discuss the back office issues of running a business. One of our member benefits is to interview our members and they share their real life experiences of running a business.  The ideas we share with you in this episode are valuable to any business owner or anyone thinking about starting a business.

Gail joined SBT a few years ago, however, due to her husbands job, she was transferred out of the area.  Now settled and in a new profession as a health coach, she has reunited with Select and is starting our first Team in Pennsylvania. If you know any business owners in the mainline area of PA that would benefit from being surrounded by other business owners and discuss business growth, ask them to contact us.

In this episode, we talk about something that challenges many start up companies.  The desire to have everything to be perfect before the doors open or the business launches.  Gail has experienced this and for her, it was over the perfect shade of pink!

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Building a company around the brand, not just the owner of the company
  • Starting a company from a life experience
  • It doesn’t need to be perfect, accept that it’s good enough


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Gail Horne is the owner of Mindful Nutrition Services, LLC.  Check out her website or connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook.