The Story Of Furniture – Scott Cornblatt


Is entrepreneurship hereditary? In this episode of the Select Business Team podcast, we talk with Scott Cornblatt, owner of OLS Trading, Inc, who started his first business at 12. Scott’s father was a business owner and did a lot to support his children’s entrepreneurial desires.

Scott is a member of Select Business Team, and each week we interview one of our members and discuss their business journey, the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly! Select Business Team brings business owners of service professions together to discuss the back office issues of running a business. As you’ll hear in this episode, each team becomes the board of advisors for members, providing a sounding board for running and managing a business.

Our conversation today is one of the longest we have had to date, but it is packed full of great tidbits that are beneficial for every business owner.  For example:

  • What’s it like to go from having 2 business partners to running the show by yourself?
  • From a hiring perspective, what does it means to hire the right horsepower
  • Staying awake at night wondering why the customer chose to hire your company

Scott considers members of SBT his board of advisors and their knowledge helps him to run a better company. It can be lonely being a business owner, so the sooner you surround yourself with others, the easier your role of running the business becomes. Ok, just to clarify, it’s never easy running a business, but having support lightens the load!

Scott is a passionate business owner who is truly thinking out of the box with running his business. Scott shared some fantastic information so get out some paper and takes notes. You are going to really enjoy this conversation.


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Scott Cornblatt is the owner of OLS Trading, Inc. He’s active on LinkedIn, so connect with him there.