Episode 6 – Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way With Paula Mattson-Sarli

Paula Mattson-SarliToday we are talking with Paula Mattson-Sarli who is an estate planning attorney.  She has her own practice and as an attorney does things a little bit differently.  She offers to go to her client’s home, instead of only meeting them in her office.  Paula is not only a member of Select Business Team, she is one of our meeting facilitators.

As an estate planning attorney, she provides many services from estate planning to preparing living documents.  Estate planning is one of those that areas that many people don’t think applies to them….until it’s too late. From health care directives to living wills, everyone needs to make sure they have the proper paperwork in place in the event something happens to them. You don’t need a lot of wealth before you meet with an estate planning attorney, but it’s wise to have a conversation with one when everyone is young and healthy so that proper planning can be implemented.

A personal experience inspired Paula to follow this path of law. Her passion shows through in her conversations and in the way she treats her clients. Listen along to this episode and you’ll not only get a few insights into starting a business, you’ll also get some valuable estate planning information.

During this episode, we have a great discussion about business plans, particularly the financial and marketing components and then Paula shares a lot of insights on documents we should all consider. Three of my favorite nuggets

  • Having living documents to cover any type of incapacity
  • Understanding what long term care costs are for seniors what your options are if you need these benefits and don’t have the resources
  • Why you don’t want to download important estate planning documents from the internet

Listen along to this episode and you’ll get insights into running your business and some extremely valuable estate planning information.


Paula Mattson-Sarli, is an estate planning attorney and the owner of Personal Touch Law. Her website is  personaltouchlaw.com.  Connect with her on LinkedIn, Follow her on Facebook.