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Powerful Presentations That Move Audiences To Action

Debbie DeChambeau, the founder of Select Business Team, is known for providing practical insights in an interactive environment.

With over 30 years in sales, marketing and business ownership, her presentations leave audiences with useful ideas and practical strategies for implementation.

Her engaging presence, industry knowledge and real life examples, leave audience participants inspired and ready to take action.

In addition to being a speaker and facilitator, Debbie is co-author of the book Renewable Referrals, which provides strategies for creating referral programs to attract customers, which leads to a fast-moving and endless stream of new business, simultaneously cutting sales costs.  

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Referral Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate new business but it isn’t something that is taught in school and it takes dedication to build. Once in place it can provide an unlimited stream of business opportunities.

This presentation is for sales professionals and those responsible for business development. Audiences create a 12 month plan for referral marketing  that is effective for generating business. We discuss various ideas for being visible, strategies for communicating and the basics for creating referral business. If the value of your net worth is in your network, this presentation is essential.


It’s new, it’s innovative and it is the hidden gem for every business. This presentation provides insights for why every business owner and sales team should have a podcast and how it can open doors for new opportunities. Audiences will understand how podcasting can be used as a sales tool, create authority and provide additional exposure.  


Most business owners don’t look five-ten years ahead, they are lucky to see 12 months out. Yet, planning into the future, creating a vision and achieving goals is essential for future success. From closing new business to hiring the team, having a focused strategy to maximize the organizations resources allows an owner to exit on their terms.

The everyday demands of running the business make it easy to operate without a focused strategic plan. In this presentation participants learn about leveraging their organizational chart, creating a Marketing Hourglass™ and developing internal growth strategies for additional revenue opportunities.


Organizations such as Chambers,  Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC), Small Business University (SBU) and The Power Conference have engaged Debbie for  presentations and workshops.

In addition, Debbie has spoken for associations and organizations such as National Professional Organizers Association, Central Insurance Company, Business Network International and the Massachusetts Insurance Association.

As a certified Solution Provider, she regularly speaks on behalf of Constant Contact.


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If your audience would benefit from a presentation on marketing, podcasting or business development, hire Debbie.  Call her at 301-996-2328 or email