Episode 2 – Networking Opportunities

Different Places For Networking

Business and Networking Podcast with Debbie DeChambeau

What is the best place for you to network? Part of it depends on what you want to get out of your networking and how much time, money and energy you want to commit.  Every organization has it’t differences from giving back to the community to being random people getting together with the intention of making valuable business connections.  There is nothing wrong with being part of more than one organization, but if you are going to join, make sure you have to time to participate.  Otherwise, you are basically wasting your money.  Just having your name as a member doesn’t really add value.  You need to participate, meet the other members and get involved in some capacity.

During this episode you’ll hear several options for you to consider as you build out a networking plan.  Remember, if you are going to attend networking events, make sure you schedule time afterwards for follow up….otherwise, you have wasted a good portion of your time meeting and talking to people!  Here are the networking organizations we discuss in this episode:

  • Chamber of  Commerce
  • Rotary
  • Leadership Programs
  • Mastermind
  • Associations
  • Meet-Up
  • Creating Your Own

What makes one better or different than another?  That depends on what you are looking for.  Think about your ideal client, your target market and your geographical location.  If you are a national company, you will probably want to join a national association and make a point to visit the different state chapters.  If you are local based retail organization, you’ll want to be in an organization that is made up of local members.

Let us know which networking organizations work best for you and your company….and why.  Leave a comment below.  


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