Episode 4 – Get Out Of The House With Gideon Culman

Gideon CulmanBusiness and Marketing Podcast with Gideon Culman

Today we are talking with Gideon Culman who is a Life Coach and works with individuals who are ready to make a change.  Gideon isn’t your typical coach…he has three liberal arts degrees and two masters degrees (yes, you read that correctly), a coaches certification from the International Coach Federation, his resume includes international experience, he speaks several languages and he describes himself as curious!

Realizing that it can be lonely when starting a home based business is something that people don’t expect when they start a home based business.  The reality is that working from home can be great if you are trying to keep expenses low or if you are trying to balance work with the home life.  But not having contact with other businesses professionals regularly can impact your success as a business owner.

In this episode we talk about different co-working spaces to get your company out of the house while keeping expenses reasonable and minimizing the loneliness of a home based business.

You’ll also learn why surrounding yourself with a team of professionals from other industries can be extremely beneficial for your business.

If you are thinking about becoming a coach or if you are curious about how a coach can help, you’ll find significant value in this episode.

Today he shares his biggest surprise about getting started in business and we have an interesting discussion about different co-working spaces and how they can benefit business.


If you are looking to get your office out of your house but aren’t ready for a big committment, check out some of these co-working spaces:

Launch Workplacesmostly in the DC area

WeWork locations around the world

Intelligent Officelocations throughout the US

1776 more of an incubator, but might inspire you to find something like this in your area


Gideon has been a member of Select Business Team for 2 years and I’m constantly impressed with his wisdom. Connect with Gideon and see if what he offers is a good fit for you.

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